All about microwave systems: three publications you should check out

I’ve been writing articles lately about microwave backhaul systems that municipalities and public utilities are installing (Texas-New Mexico Power and Sioux Falls, South Dakota) to save on the cost of telecommunications (they dump their expensive T1 lines) and to increase the amount of bandwidth that city and utility departments desperately need.

A number of readers have emailed me about microwave backhaul systems; they were interested in finding more information about how they compare to fiber networks and how they can be used to complement fiber, whether in rural or urban deployments. Indeed, here in San Francisco, our building gets high-speed Internet service from an ISP called Webpass whose microwave equipment is installed on the rooftop. I get between 25-40 Mbps downstream and 30-45 Mbps upstream from Webpass.

So I thought I would alert you to 3 free publications focusing on microwave that allow you to brush up on the field, get information, find sources for products and services and see how others are using microwave systems:

(1) Microwave Product Digest: the premier new product magazine devoted to information on components, equipment and subsystems for the RF, microwave and wireless industries. The magazine targets the government/military OEM and user market field including electronic warfare, radar, telemetry, and CATV broadcast systems, ground support, communications, test and measurement equipment, navigation, active and passive components, industrial & academic laboratories.

(2) Microwaves & RF: Published monthly, the magazine serves as a continuing-education guide for engineering professionals involved in the design of components, software, subsystems, and test equipment for automotive, commercial, industrial, medical, and military applications for high-frequency electronics.

(3) Microwave Engineering Europe: the leading journal for microwave professionals, serving microwave and RF engineers in design and management with concise, authoritative coverage of mobile communications, radar, satellite communications and industrial applications of radio frequency technology. European subscribers will receive the print edition while subscribers in other countries will receive the digital edition via email.