Minneapolis citywide WiFi network featured in The Atlantic

The Atlantic is running a series called The Future of the City and one of the articles is about the Minneapolis muni WiFi network owned and managed by US Internet. The article is an interview with Minneapolis city CIO, Lynn Willenbring, who explains why the city decided on the anchor tenant model (US Internet owns the network; the city is an anchor tenant) and more importantly, how critical Wi-Fi was in dealing with the collapse of the I-35 bridge in August 2007. Here is an excerpt:

We were fortunate that the place where the bridge collapsed was one of the areas we’d built out for a pilot when we were evaluating our two finalists. It happened to be the site run by USI Wireless. So that gave us broadband access right on the shore of the river. The police and fire set up an emergency command center there, a tent and a parking lot, and we were able to access heavy GIS files and aerial photography and video–only because we had wireless broadband access in that spot.