Updated list of US cities and counties with large scale WiFi networks

I have finally updated the list of US cities and counties that have large scale Wi-Fi networks: citywide WiFi for public access and government/municipal applications, and Wi-Fi hotzones. A word of caution: the list may not be as accurate as I’d like it to be. I’m hoping people will post comments to correct the entries. There are 110 municipalities with citywide WiFi that is open to the public for Internet access. In addition, there are 56 cities that have citywide or near citywide coverage but they use it only for government applications, mostly public safety. Finally there are 84 cities that have large outdoor Wi-Fi hotzones, mostly in downtown areas and parks.

You can download the list of US cities and counties with large WiFi networks from Scribd (PDF format).


  1. Hi, Esme,

    Thanks for the new list. It’s very useful information. For the sake of keeping a complete list, I would like to let you know that Rock County, State of WI has a countywide public safety wireless data network for mobile applications. The core network (which covers the entire county) uses IP Radio technology over 800Mhz spectrum. Additionally, we have deployed Wi-Fi for strategic public safety hot zones for use by all law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies in the county. All of the mobile users automatically switch to the highest-speed available connection using mobile VPN software. We use high-speed microwave technology for ‘backhaul’ to our hard-wired fiber optic network.

    I just wanted to make sure you knew about us, too, especially since we stack-up pretty well compared to many other counties on the list!

    Best regards, and keeping fighting the fight,

    Mickey Crittenden

    Director of IT
    Rock County, State of WI

  2. Cristian Guevara says

    That is amazing, i hope more major cities in the U.S are going to consider having wide scale wi-fi coverage as well