Obama announces 66 new broadband stimulus projects, none in California

President Obama announced today the 66 winners of broadband stimulus grants from the Department of Commerce and Department of Agriculture. The big loser: California. Not one single project in California got funded.

Among the lucky few are:

  • ComNet: $30 million grant to build 700 miles of fiber throughout 28 counties in Western Ohio.
  • Pine Telephone in Oklahoma: $30.2 million grant/loan project includes FTTH and fiber to the node (FTTN) for over 14,000 people and more than 500 businesses as well as 80 other community institutions.
  • Washington DC: $17.5 million grant project, with an additional $7.5 million in applicant-provided match, to improve broadband service for DC residents and businesses and provide connections for approximately 190 community anchor institutions located predominantly in the city’s economically distressed areas.
  • Wilkes Telephone in Georgia: $48.1 million grant/loan project will provide state-of-the-art communication services to enhance broadband communication options to the current and future citizens of Lincoln, Taliaferro, and Wilkes counties in Georgia. Technology will be a FTTH wireline fiber-optic cable network, configured in Passive Optical Network (PON) architecture, able to support speeds in excess of 20 Gbps. The Wilkes Telephone & Electric Company project stands to benefit approximately 20,300 people. Additionally, 802 businesses and 58 other community institutions stand to benefit from the project.
  • Farmers Telephone Company in Iowa: $18.7 million grant/loan award with an additional $4.7 million applicant-provided match will construct a FTTP network. The project will allow greater than 20Mbps broadband access to the exchange areas of: Little Cedar, New Haven, Plymouth, Riceville, Marble Rock, Greene, St. Ansgar and Stacyville, Iowa.

There are many more winners. See if your state got any broadband stimulus grants (Californians can weep now!) by reading the Broadband Stimulus Awards report.