If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

Is WiMAX is heading to the Père Lachaise of wireless technologies?

pere lachaise cemetery paris

Grave of Frederic Chopin in Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

It seems that way. Yota, the Russian WiMAX operator announced it is moving to LTE. Freedom4, the UK WiMAX operator, was sold for a paltry sum and will shut down its WiMAX networks in the UK (not that many people will notice, since there are hardly any). WorldMax, the Dutch WiMAX operator, closed down. Intel closed its WiMAX Program office in Taiwan.

Now, treason is in the air!  “WiMAX stalwart Alvarion appears to be bending to pressure from the TD-LTE camp. At the Mobile Broadband Summit 2010 conference in India, an Alvarion executive told the audience that the company will add TD-LTE to its platform in the next few years.” (from Fiercebroadbandwireless).