Recommended white papers and magazines in utilities, smart grid, clean tech

If you want to keep up with developments in clean tech, electricity generation, smart grid, renewable energy and emissions management, check out these magazines. There’s a lot of money going into these areas because we are upgrading our infrastructure and trying to cut down on our carbon footprint. These industries need wireless technology to transmit data, monitor appliances, and control operations. It’s a huge opportunity for anyone working in wireless today. So make sure you are informed about these markets.

(1) Public Utilities Fortnightly: This magazine is read by top management in the energy industry. These readers include officers, general and system operating executives, regulators and key personnel in investor-owned electric, gas, telecommunications and water companies, as well as municipals, independent power producers, fuel and specialty services, professional services and arenas of the public sector with a vested interest in public utilities management.

(2) Renewable Energy Focus: This includes coverage of solar energy (PV, thermal and thermal electric), solar architecture and sustainable buildings, wind energy (offshore and on shore), wave and tidal energy, biomass energy, renewable hydrogen and fuel cells, on the generation and consumption of sustainable energy.

(3) Utility Regulatory News: It is the one place to look for full coverage of the most important regulatory decisions affecting the telecommunications, electric, natural gas and water industries; concise reports of important decisions by state public utility commissions across the nation; and developments in the state and federal courts as well as federal utility regulatory agencies.

(4) Power Engineering: First published in 1896, this is a monthly engineering and applications magazine that serves the North American power generation industry including electric utilities, industrial power plants, independent power producers, co-generators, and the engineering design and construction firms serving this industry.

(5) Power Engineering International: PEI is the leading magazine for the global electric power generation and transmission industry. PEI provides articles on new technologies and installations as well as market reports, news, commentary and analysis.

(6) Renewable Energy World North America: This magazine serves professionals in the utility-scale renewable energy industry with in-depth articles, columns and features. Every issue examines major trends that are driving wind, hydropower, solar, geothermal and biomass adoption and integration by utilities across North America. Look to each issue for analysis of the financial trends affecting the renewable energy industry.

There are many more on the Utility and Energy magazine subscriptions page.