New version of AlphiMAX point-to-point WiMAX estimator released

AlphiMAX has just released a new version of their free WiMAX point-to-point estimator. It includes 3D views of wireless links.

AlphiMAX WiMAX point to point estimator

Other features: integrated with worldwide interactive map view, data bases of temperature, terrain data, gasses and other parameters that affect the availability of high frequency propagation. The tool gives users a real time accurate estimation of their wireless links solely based on the location and tower heights provided by users. Until now the tool allowed users to estimate Point-To-Point wireless links for FREE and compare products from six different vendors: Alvarion, Axxcelera, Ceragon, DragonWave, Motorola and Trango. The new version adds products in the 8GHz, 10GHz, 11GHz, 15GHz, 18GHz and 23GHz bands. Specifically adding TrangoLink Apex.