Burbank Smart Grid upgrade includes citywide WiFi

Almost three years ago in 2007, we posted several articles about the Burbank Water & Power utility’s use of Wi-Fi in upgrading its AMR/AMI system. Here are the old articles:

Blogging from the 2007 MW conference: Burbank utility’s innovative muni Wi-Fi network

Burbank, CA, turns to Wi-Fi for electrical monitoring

It appears that BWP has completely changed from the old Smartsynch system to a new one that includes equipment from Tropos Networks, and it has not given up on extending Wi-Fi service throughout the city of Burbank.

The BWP smart grid investment is approximately $62 million ($20 million of which comes from the US Department of Energy Smart Grid Investment Grant) and will take three years. What makes this very interesting is that BWP will be “proceeding with deployment of the Citywide Tropos wireless network, which is integrated with an extensive existing fiber optic network. When completed, the Tropos network will provide communications for utility electric and water AMI, distribution automation, customer energy demand response, distributed generation and mobile data to the BWP field workforce. In addition, BWP expects to make the network available to other city departments, including potentially police, fire, and traffic.” (quote from the press release).


  1. Municipal wireless was always looking for the killer application and anchor tenant. After all this time maybe the utility and power smart grid networks will at last push municipal wireless networks forward.

  2. Does that mean that I can use my IPAD on the city WIFI in the Magnolia Park district?