Clearwire to raise $1.1 billion in debt offering

Nascent national WiMAX wireless provider Clearwire announced plans to raise $1.1 billion via a “debt offering” that will be used for “general corporate purposes, including capital expenditures.” Sidecut unofficial translation: “We’re borrowing some money to keep the lights on and finish building the towers we’ve already started.”

Sidecut readers know we can explain technical network underpinnings, but when it comes to figuring out just who will lend Clearwire this dough and what part of the company they get in exchange — read the press release yourself and let us know what you think. We know from our mailing list that there are lots of financial types out there, so now it is time to step forward and show us how smart you are. Post your comments below.

Clearwire also announced three new board nominees from Sprint, with one name standing out (to us, anyway, since we know him well) — Hossein Eslambolchi, former AT&T techno-wizard and an all-around smart smart guy when it comes to networks and business. The kind of guy who could be leading a big, new networking company. Hmmm.

There’s also a new home modem for Clear service with Wi-Fi built in. We’re still looking for that promised Cradlepoint device that is both a home router and a portable Wi-Fi pocketspot… maybe at CES?

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