AT&T expands WiFi service in Times Square; San Francisco is next

AT&T announced that it is expanding Wi-Fi service in Times Square just in time for the New Year’s Eve celebration which draws hundreds of people to Times Square every year. I reported a few months ago that AT&T had created a Wi-Fi hotzone in Times Square to experiment with offloading data traffic from their 3G networks onto Wi-Fi (AT&T sets up free WiFi in Times Square NYC to offload 3G data traffic)

AT&T also says it will launch a Wi-Fi hotzone around the Embarcadero Center of San Francisco. The Embarcadero Center is a popular shopping and eating area close to the water. I have complained endlessly about 3G service around the Ferry Building, just across the street from the Embarcadero and I am hoping Wi-Fi will solve AT&T’s network problems.

AT&T has been creating small Wi-Fi hotzones, mostly as pilot projects (AT&T opens WiFi hotzone in Charlotte, NC to offload data traffic). Anyone with an iPhone will be able to connect automatically to AT&T’s Wi-Fi service, whether in NYC or San Francisco. The good thing about AT&T’s Wi-Fi networks is that they seem optimized for smartphones and tablets (unlike other public wireless networks that pretend we are all still on laptops).


  1. Daniel McGill says

    When will free WiFi be available on Embarcadero, San Francisco ?They say it will run along Jefferson Street (Fishermen’s Wharf)
    Will it extend through the 500 Block of Jefferson Street ?(we hope)