Details of West Virginia’s $160 million broadband plan

In February 2010, the NTIA awarded a $126.3 million grant to the Executive Office of the State of West Virginia to improve the state’s broadband infrastructure. The grant was part of the federal government’s broadband stimulus. The state came up with an additional $33.5 million.

The goal is to bring high-speed Internet access to a region that has few high-speed broadband connections. The money will be used to expand the state’s existing microwave public safety network and add  2,400 miles of fiber. The expanded statewide network expects to offer speeds of up to 45 Mbps and directly connect more than 1,000 anchor institutions, including public safety agencies, public libraries, schools, government offices and other critical community facilities.

A MuniWireless reader kindly sent me West Virginia’s NTIA grant application so you can read in detail the state’s broadband plans. You can read them here.

West Virginia $160M Broadband Plan 2010