Chinese telecom operators getting serious about WiFi

A flurry of news in recent weeks points to a surge in interest among Chinese telecom operators in Wi-Fi:

China Mobile chairman looking into acquisitions in WiFi, LTE

China Telecom subsidiary deploying citywide WiFi in Chongqing using Ruckus Wireless access points

Beijing citywide Wi-Fi by the end of 2011 (with plans to deploy citywide WiFi in Shenzhen, Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou)

As smartphones become more popular in China, the operators are looking for ways to offload data traffic from cellular to WiFi networks and also, via WiFi networks, deliver higher bandwidth to people who need it.

NOTE: I have been invited to speak at a conference in China this spring precisely about large scale WiFi networks, the dramatic increase in tablet and smartphone use of these networks, and seamless roaming between WiFi and 3G


  1. Thank you for this very informative article. I work with a company Blu-Linx Technology, Atlanta-based start-up.

    Blu-Linx deploys large scale carrier-grade metro-wide Wi-Fi networks using long range “super” WiFi antenna — Our propietary tehnology enables these Blu Linx-managed carrier-neutral “Super WiFi MetroZones” to function and interact just like 3G/4G networks, forming fully-integrated “overlay” wireless network that enables SEAMLESS+TRANSPARENT 3G/4G-to-WiFi AUTOMATIC ROAMING, plus support all mobile operator “value added services” (MSM, MMS)-over Blu-Linx WiFi: Wireless “Bandwidth-on-Deamand”, so to speak.

    One of our strategic vendor partners that manufactures and deploys these super Wi-Fi antenna is Hong Kong-based Altai Technologies.

    You can check out the Blu-Linx website, and if you like, I can send you Materials on Blu-Linx.

    Would welcome knowing more about the conference you’re speaking at (or went to) in China on Large Scale Wi-Fi.


    Steve Turner–NYC

  2. Hi Steven,
    Just curious to know if you’ve licensed your technology to MRO-TEK in India too? or are they rebranding Altai? (

  3. No, we have not licensed to MRO-TEK or any other India companies.

    To clarify: Blu-Linx core product is the software interface applications, which impart “3G-Smarts” to WiFi “HotZones”– either ours, or Carrier-owned WiFi. Our technology is vendor agnostic.

  4. And you are still advertising Vivato antennas on your site? I thought they were out of business.

  5. Yes that’s true, Vivato was acquired by GoNet, which is anaother of our strategic (core Vivato equipment under new corporate name)