Is this what the new Mac Book Pro looks like?

After my one and a half year old Mac Book Pro died two weeks ago and was resurrected by Apple’s repair technicians (they replaced the logic board and power connector), I am awaiting the new Mac Book Pro line which is rumoured to come out in the fall of this year.

Fast Company reports that Intel accidentally revealed what they look like: “. . . Intel may have let the cat out of the bag early with an image in an ad. Skinnier? Check. Optical drives? Gone (probably). Intel’s just popped up with a new advert for “the 2nd generation of Intel Core processors” and among the visuals is a super-skinny laptop that has an unmistakable Apple-esque design. Last year Intel did something very similar, teasing the upcoming release of Core i5 chips with an ad that included a MacBook . . .”

I am surprised that the new line does not look like the Mac Book Air, then again, maybe this is just a rumour!