iPhone faster on AT&T than Verizon

Frustrated iPhone users on AT&T’s network should think twice before moving to Verizon’s network. Wired says:

Ookla, creators of the Speedtest.net broadband test, compiled data from tests run by iPhone customers using the Speedtest.net app on both AT&T and Verizon. On average, the reported AT&T iPhone transfer rates were roughly two times faster than the Verizon iPhone’s.

The AT&T iPhone’s average download speed was 1,769 Kbps, and the average upload speed was 730 Kbps. By way of comparison, the Verizon iPhone’s average download speed was 848 Kbps, and the average upload speed was 506 Kbps.

The results come from 43,000 AT&T iPhones and 14,000 Verizon iPhones all over the United States. Most Speedtest.net app users ran the tests multiple times, totaling 106,000 results from AT&T iPhone users and 49,000 results from Verizon iPhone users.

I realize that many are moving to Verizon’s network not because of speed but better coverage in their city. Moreover, even in a small area of San Francisco between the Embarcadero and downtown, although AT&T showed faster downloads in most spots that Wired tested, in one place, Verizon was faster.

CNET test shows Verizon faster than AT&T at four “black spots” in San Francisco

Long suffering AT&T customers in SF may want to move to Verizon after all. The video below from CNET (which is in the south of Market neighborhood of San Francisco) showed Verizon had download speeds 10x faster than AT&T in the CNET office garage. The Verizon iPhone signal strength was also much better, at least at this location and in the SF Financial District.