DUMBO Wireless: giant free Wi-Fi hotzone in NYC (Brooklyn)

A large free Wi-Fi hotzone in the DUMBO (Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass) neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York has been deployed, thanks to a public-private partnership between the Dumbo Improvement District and the Two Trees Management Company, which owns buildings in the area. NYCwireless, a non-profit organization that has deployed Wi-Fi networks in parks, public spaces, and housing residences, installed the Wi-Fi equipment. NYCWireless has deployed Ubiquiti access pointss for the local Wi-Fi access signal and for the P-to-P building network; they use Soekris routers running pfSense and Pyramid Linux (on separate devices).

The DUMBO neighborhood has undergone renaissance in the last decade: it has been designated a historic district and is home to art galleries, restaurants, cafes and boutiques.

Here is the area of coverage of the Wi-Fi hotzone (from NYCwireless):

free wifi brooklyn