Boingo launches flat rate Wi-Fi monthly plan for Asia-Pacific

Boingo Asia Pacific is now offering a flat rate $12 per month plan for the Asia-Pacific region. The Boingo plan covers the following countries: Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Fiji, French Polynesia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kiribati, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Samoa, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga and Vietnam.

Boingo Asia Pacific Plan Details

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi access in Boingo’s Asia Pacific Region
  • Wi-Fi access on up to 2 laptopsNo contracts
  • No per MB charges
  • No cancellation fees
  • No per minute charges in Asia Pacific
  • 24/7 customer service
  • One-click roaming login with Boingo Wi-Finder for Mac & PC
kuala lumpur

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When you sign up for Boingo Asia Pacific, download Boingo Wi-Finder. With Boingo Wi-Finder for PC or Mac connecting to free or Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots is easy. Once installed, the software will notify you when you are in one of 325,000+ Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. Just click the log in button and presto! You’re online.

To connect to Wi-Fi worldwide on your smartphone or tablet, including, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone, or Android tablet, try Boingo Mobile.

I have been using Boingo for years, and it has helped me get online in airports all over Europe and the US without having to pay extra. I’m pleased to see that they have added a low-cost flat rate plan for Asia as well.