Hernando County, Florida issues RFP for WiMAX or LTE network

Hernando County, Florida issued a Requests for Proposals seeking a vendor to provide wireless broadband service based on WiMAX or LTE to the county. The county has a contract with Brighthouse for cable and fiber service. The deadline for submitting responses is 8 July 2011 at 5:00 pm EST.

You can view and download the RFP and its Addendum from Scribd:

Hernando County RFP

Hernando County RFP addendum

Here are a few excerpts from the RFP:

(1) Description of the county

Hernando County is a north Tampa Bay community with a population of 173,000. The County is 473 square miles and is diverse in development, The County has two population centers, Spring Hill and Brooksville. Approximately 30% of the County land
area is in local, state or federal conservation areas. The remaining 70% features a mix of densely and sparsely populated residential and business areas.

(2) Technology

The County is seeking a proven wireless system. Accordingly, the County is exclusively seeking WiMax or LTE based systems. Additionally, the County believes the system should be robust with high performance capabilities such as:
• The use of 50 watt radios operating at 50ghz
• Average rate: 75 megabit
• Guaranteed exclusive use of licensed, license-exempt or unlicensed frequency.

(3) First two demonstration areas will be Hernando County Airport and the city of Brooksville, (the county seat).

You have to register with the county to bid and become part of the RFP process:

NOTE: there will be a pre-proposal meeting on 24 June 2011, Friday, at 10:00 am.

Hernando County, Florida RFP for WiMAX or LTE broadband service


Hernando County RFP addendum


  1. Hernando Counties RFP is very misleading and does not mention exsisting wireless company in Hernando County (Nature Coast Networks, LLC.).
    How can they promise exclusive use of liscened and unliscened frequncies in county when they are already in use.
    This RFP will be recalled soon as Nature Coast Networks has obtained legal counsel to remove.

  2. I read through this proposal and I have to say, if they paid for this from an outside consultant, they need to get their money back. Apparently the author doesn’t realize there are no unlicensed LTE system running around and the chance of WiMax hitting 20Mbps on a download is a fantasy on a PTMP system. This looks like a modified version of the old WiFi municipal model where the company pays for everything and the city wants free access. Those companies are long gone for good reason, ala Tempe, and are never coming back. The author of this bid simply doesn’t have any understanding of the industry, wireless technologies, or the history.