Google to deploy fiber network in Europe?

Marketwatch reports that Google is looking into deploying a fiber network in Europe. Google has not chosen any specific country nor has it stated why it would be interested in doing so.

Google is rolling out a fiber network in Kansas City which they will use to deliver high speed broadband directly to consumers. They plan to begin offering Internet service in early 2012. To find out more about the status of the Google fiber network in Kansas City, visit the Google Fiber Blog.

Operators in Europe have been rolling out fiber networks but according to EU Commissioner (for telecoms) Nellie Kroes, they need to invest much more in order to deliver broadband at higher speeds. The operators are pushing back because they want the EU to allow them to exclude competitors (i.e. smaller ISPs) from their networks. Recently the European Commission proposed spending 9 billion Euros on broadband infrastructure outside urban areas because the operators have shown little interest in making investments in regions that have a low population density.