Looks like WiMAX is really dead in France

Two years ago, we posted a series of articles on MuniWireless exposing the alarming delay in WiMAX deployments in France. At that time, the French telecoms regulator, ARCEP, revealed that “out of the 3562 locations that should have been covered with WiMAX service by 30 June 2008, only 657 were connected as of 31 December 2008. Moreover, Bolloré Télécom, the largest WiMAX provider, has only completed 13% of its planned installations; its competitor, Altitude, has finished only 15%.” (Is WiMAX dead in France?)

In the last two years, little progress has been made. And ARCEP may file lawsuits against 7 operators to coerce them into deploying the networks. The companies that obtained WiMAX licenses from the French government are asking that they be allowed to use their licenses to deploy LTE networks instead because WiMAX has no future. It seems more likely that ARCEP and the operators will come to some agreement over exactly what kind of wireless network will be deployed. It is stupid for ARCEP to insist upon the deployment of a technology that has little use. (see article in Le Nouvel Observateur)

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