Case Study: Eliminating Performance, Interference Issues With Multi-Channel Wi-Fi access points

Problem: Providing Wireless Internet Connectivity in a Crowded Environment

J&J Telecommunications needed to solve a major customer problem. The 855-boat slip South Shore Harbor Marina located in League City, TX needed to provide WiFi Internet Connectivity to their customer’s Mobile, Laptop and Tablet devices without having to install customer-premises equipment on the customer’s boat. Adding to the complexity of the challenge was the existence of over 100 other WiFi access points in the area broadcasting on the b/g and n WiFi bands. Many of the boaters in the marina were complaining about zero or limited (slow and constant dropping) WiFi connection to the Marina’s existing network and equipment.

Solution: Next Generation Multi-Channel Wi-Fi

J&J Telecommunications selected Edgewater Wireless’ Multi-channel Access Point Products with a 3-channel 802.11 b/g configuration to deploy within the marina. Edgewater Wireless’ next generation, multi-channel WiFi solution was critical to solving the wireless challenges at the marina and providing boaters with 100% reliable connectivity to the Internet. Relying on Edgewater Wireless Multi-channel Access Points the marina was able to satisfy their customer’s needs for WiFi Internet connectivity that was both reliable, and accessible without any additional CPE equipment on the customer’s boat.

Leveraging the strengths of the Edgewater Wireless Multi-channel Access Point, the marina was able to give the customers a choice of WiFi channels to choose from by broadcasting multiple channels simultaneously from the same EAP using different SSIDs. Having multi-channel choice boaters are able to choose the SSID, and as a result, the channel that worked best for them based on their location and their proximity to interference caused by the 100+ WiFi access points in the area.

Scott Kellogg, CEO of J&J Telecommunications Inc. says:

“We put a number of products through extensive and rigorous testing looking for a high performance WiFi solution and only Edgewater Wireless’ EAP3000 could meet the challenge.”

Result: Solid Connectivity without Interference or CPE = Satisfied Customers

By relying on Edgewater Wireless Multi-channel Access Point Products, J&J Telecommunications delivered a truly next generation WiFi solution addressing the technical infrastructure requirements of the marina and, more importantly met the needs of the boaters and customers. South Shore Harbor Marina now delivers reliable con- nectivity to the Internet with no interference or QoS issue. This result clearly demonstrates how Edgewater Wireless is leading the charge in next generation WiFi infrastructure.


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  1. I am skeptical of the overarching assertions in this piece. There are significant interference issues in the 2.4 GHz band that are not easily solved.

    I would like to see an independent analysis of performance of this product.