Thai government deploys 20,000 Wi-Fi hot zones in Bangkok

The Thai government has announced that it has begun the deployment of 20,000 Wi-Fi hot zones in Bangkok; they will be installing 20,000 more in 2012. These Wi-Fi hot zones will be placed in government offices, police stations, municipal buildings and hospitals. TOT (the Thai state-owned telecom) will be running the network.

The Wi-Fi initiative is part of the government’s “Smart Thailand” project. One of the components of the project is improved broadband service (wired and wireless) in 76 provinces and 10,000 local communities by 2020. Among the beneficiaries are at least 30,000 schools and local community education centers.



  1. Do we know what access point they are using?

  2. That is something I’m trying to find out.

  3. Someone in Thailand says

    Engenius, Zyxel, Ubiquiti which do not guarantee good performance.