French mobile operator offers 15 EUR per month unlimited voice, SMS and data

The fourth French mobile operator, Free (which belongs to Iliad), will begin offering very cheap mobile voice and data plans this month. A “no contract” plan with unlimited test messages, MMS and data will cost 20 EUR per month (note: there is a cap of 3 Gigabytes for 3G data usage so it’s not really unlimited). For people who already have Free’s Internet service at home, the price is 16 EUR per month. If you are really on a budget, you can pay only 2 EUR per month (no contract) for 1 hour of calls and 60 text messages per month.

In addition, Iliad unveiled an entry-level price plan for €2 ($2.50) per month with no contract that includes 60 minutes of calls and 60 SMS messages per month, which the operator says is four times less expensive than rival offers.

Free will begin selling the iPhone 4S beginning 27 January this year. They have very aggressive pricing on that too, for example, for the 16 GB iPhone and a 36-month contract, you would pay 1 EUR in the first month and 20 EUR per month for 35 months.

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