Smartphone owners prefer Wi-Fi over cellular by a huge margin

I cannot say I’m surprised by the the results of this study conducted by Mobidia Technology given all the problems I (and many others) have had using cellular networks with the iPhone (which I sold a few months ago). My experience using the iPhone on a cellular network has been negative in every way – from dropped calls to slow connections, only to be rewarded at the end of the month with a US$50+ charge.

According to Mobidia, “[t]otal data usage on smartphones is much higher than generally reported throughout the industry . . . Wi-Fi data consumption exceeds cellular by a factor of two-to-one, and Wi-Fi accounts for 70% of all smartphone-originated traffic . . .”

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  1. With my Verizon Wireless Android Samsung Galaxy Nexus on LTE 4G, I hardly bother connecting to Wi-Fi anyone.