Lousy cellular connections push smartphone and tablet users to Wi-Fi

Devicescape has published its Q1 2012 survey which shows that many people are driven from cellular networks to Wi-Fi because of the lousy cellular connections. The survey found that almost 61 percent of respondents connect their mobile devices to Wi-Fi at work. With 91 percent of those surveyed stating that they have WiFi connectivity at home, 84.4 percent prefer using their smartphones on their home Wi-Fi network. Of the respondents who have tablets, 59 percent say Wi-Fi is their preferred method of connectivity for their tablets. When choosing a tablet, the 3G/4G service feature is of importance to 56.4 percent of respondents.

NOTE: This is quite obvious to me especially now that US cellular operators have done away with “unlimited” data plans.


  1. Esme,

    Long time no see. I would suggest that on this article you are both right and wrong. Users are demanding performance no matter where they are located. I use WiFi when I can get it but in crowded and over burdened WLAN location such as airports and convention centers I often resort to 3/g/4g. The real test for chipset manufacturers and device companies is the development of smart switching supplicants that can apply economic and performance rules to be deterministic when selecting which network performs the best at the optimal price point.This is the real future of the mobile worker and I have been working with several companies in the Bay area to bring this new technology to fruition by combining Hotspot 2.0/ .11u technologies with smart supplicants. More to follow as we get closer to mainstream releases.