Ex-FCC Commissioner Michael Copps blasts telco-friendly FCC and lack of competition

Watch this video of a presentation by former FCC commissioner Michael Copps at the Freedom to Connect conference in Washington DC on 21 May 2012. Copps says that US communications infrastructure has been shortchanged by more than 30 years of misguided public policy that has failed to emphasize competition in the marketplace for telecom and cable services. Copps criticizes the FCC and recent US administrations for failing to enforce antitrust laws against telecom and cable companies. He cites in particular to the Verizon spectrum deal as a test of whether the Obama administration has enough spine to challenge Verizon and the cable industry.


  1. Wonder if anyone has figured out that Verizon originally bought the 700MHz A and B licenses to give them 2 years to build out their network. Now that they have stifled competetition and helped kill White Space deployment, they will now release it to small providers that can’t possiblty compete with them. This is why our government shouldn’t be managing anything. Verizon pulled the wool over the FCC’s eyes who couldn’t see past the billions of dollars they sold it for. Now that the country is short-changed on mobile bandwidth, they are still too incompetent to realize the damage they did and how much Verizon is going to steal from the pockets of the public. HomeFusion is $60 for 10GB per month. Any good WISP could have crushed that price/performance ratio but since none of them could afford to buy their congressmen or senator let alone come up with $10 Billions dollars, the small business and the public got cheated again.