Gowex free WiFi in Paris metro stations irritates users

The latest free-WiFi-in-a-metro-station offering, this time from Madrid-based Gowex, a company that deploys Wi-Fi hotzones, seems wonderful until you actually start using it. This article in a French online publication says that the free WiFi service is disappointing for the following reasons:

(1) Sign up takes too long and requires you to send too much personal information such as your email address, mobile phone number and even the number of your identity card. What happens if you are only visiting Paris?

(2) Poor coverage: you have to be within 5 meters from an access point. The service is also available only in 3 underground metro stations. Apart from these 3 stations, you need to be above ground in the other metro stops.

(3) Pitifully slow: the authors of the article mentioned above tested the speed of Gowex’s free Wi-Fi service and got only 500 Kbps.

Gowex wants to sell paid subscriptions to their Paris Wi-Fi network so it is not in their interest to make the free Wi-Fi service fast and enjoyable.

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  1. Dont B. A. Hater says

    For once I would like to see you post about many of the successful wireless deployments that have been launched globally as opposed to your bantering about the few that have issues.

  2. Simple onboarding would be an effective way for Gowex to drive traffic and the user experience. Consistent with the prior comment, but on a more positive note, is there a comparative solution that you could point Gowex to that would accomplish both goals (the company and the transient users) simultaneously?