Getting 1 Gig Internet service in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Google’s fiber network in Kansas City is getting all the press these days, but did you know that the first city in America to offer 1 Gig Internet service is Chattanooga, Tennessee? Chattanooga’s community-owned electric utility, EPB, has deployed a fiber optic network and it already sells triple-play service (Internet + TV + phone) or just Internet plus TV.

If you want the full 1 Gigabit Internet (downstream and upstream) with TV subscription (the most basic bronze package) and no phone service, be prepared to pay $362 per month (excluding taxes, fees, set top box cost). If, however, you want Internet only, you still have to pay $350 per month. These prices are out of the reach of most families in America. One assumes that as more people sign up, the monthly cost will go down.

1 gigabit internet access chattanooga

1 Gigabit Internet plus TV service from Chattanooga electric utility

Chattanooga FTTH service

1 Gigabit Internet only service from Chattanooga electric utility


  1. But they are way too expensive and therefore attracted little press.
    Google has the right pricing model.

    (1) 1 Gbps Internet access plus TV: $120 per month, $300 construction fee waived, two-year contract. Extras: one terabyte Google Drive, Nexus 7 tablet.

    (2) 1 Gbps Internet access (no TV): $70 per month, $300 construction fee waived, one-year contract. Extra: 1 terabyte Google Drive.

    (3) Free Internet (but only up to 5 Mbps downstream, 1 Mbps upstream): one time payment of $300 construction fee or $25 per month for 12 months.

  2. Esme Vos says:

    The reason Google is cheaper is Google’s business model involves giving away things for “free” (Gmail but with ads), Search (with ads) and who knows what else. I prefer the Chattanooga service for its simplicity. I don’t want a Google Drive or a Nexus tablet.