Are sky high hotel WiFi charges soon to be a thing of the past?

Accor Hotels has announced that it will stop charging guests for Wi-Fi. This is significant news because Accor is one the largest hotel chains in the world with properties such as Ibis, Mercure, Sofitel and Novotel sprinkled across the globe. Other hotel chains may be forced to follow Accor’s lead.

Outrageous hotel Wi-Fi charges are at the top of the list of travelers’ pet peeves. Indeed, posts about rip-off hotel WiFi charges have received so many angry comments from readers on MuniWireless. Accor is not the worst offender. Read this post on who’s got the most expensive hotel Wi-Fi: Best and Worst Hotel Wi-Fi.

But wait! Isn’t there another problem looming? As more people use multiple devices in their hotel rooms, stream video and audio and download large files, isn’t hotel Wi-Fi being crushed? Yes it is and more guests are complaining about the speed of hotel Wi-Fi. Read: Why hotel WiFi is being crushed by iPads and what to do about it.