Singapore FTTH network doubles fiber connections in 8 months

Singapore OpenNet’s fiber subscriber base crossed the 200,000 mark in August 2012, doubling in only 8 months since hitting the 100,000 mark in January 2012. Delays in installing FTTH connections plagued OpenNet in 2011 because demand for FTTH subscriptions exceeded the speed with which they could connect households and businesses to the network.

Fiber connections to homes started in September 2010 and demand for fibre connections has been robust. This milestone is especially notable given that the current broadband market is mature, dominated by traditional ADSL and cable companies.

“From the recently concluded Comex 2012, more than 7,000 subscribers were added. More people are beginning to recognise the benefits of switching over to a fibre broadband service. This is testimony to the continued efforts by OpenNet’s broadband service providers in promoting the benefits of fiber networks over ADSL and Cable,” says OpenNet’s Director of Business Development and Communications, Mr Daniel Ho.

Fiber broadband is allowing users to enjoy a richer and smoother broadband experience at competitive prices without compromising on multi-user experience. With the increased installation capacity implemented by OpenNet in August, waiting time for service provider to get a fiber connection from OpenNet is currently 3 business days.