Let the trade wars begin: Huawei, ZTE accused of being evil

It’s clear that Huawei and ZTE have not invested enough in their Washington DC lobbying unit. The US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee has called upon America’s finest (telecom operators, that is) to refrain from doing business with Huawei and ZTE on grounds that these two companies pose a “security threat”. Exactly what is this “security threat”? According to House Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, American firms contemplating the purchase of Chinese equipment should worry about the theft of intellectual property, the privacy of their users and  . . . the national security of the United States!

Note to Huawei and ZTE: It is an Election Year.


  1. Here is another note, if your company is started by blatantly stealing and copying U.S. technology, you are a thief and you should never benefit from that theft. Huawei and ZTE stole technology from Cisco, Enterasys, Nortel, Motorola, Lucent, and the list goes on. They are thieves that should be banned from selling anything more complicated than a pencil any U.S and ally country. Since the very core of the company is based on stealing, and you know that they were funded by the Chinese military from day 1, then you have to conclude that they have absolutely no morals when it comes to using that technology as payback to the Chinese government. Competing against a company with no moral foundation backed by the Chinese government leads to assists for Chinese companies bidding against oil companies, construction companies, and the obvious, the U.S. military and industrial complex. These hackers who work hand-in-hand with the military are using backdoors that Huwaei puts in to the advantage of the Chinese. In my opinion, and I get that it’s rather extreme, any U.S. citizen that works for Huwaei is a traitor and should be investigated by Homeland Security. Countries that allowed them in are already getting hacked such as India or Vietnam. Companies that bid against the Chinese have found that they constantly lose, sometimes by rather small amounts, and Huwaei is part of that coordinated effort. The United States also needs to take into any NATO countries that use Huwaei since anything sent through a Huwaei router is already in the hands of the Chinese.