Study reveals Leeds has highest WiFi hotspot usage in the UK

This summer, Sky Broadband conducted a survey of Wi-Fi hotspot usage in the UK. The company surveyed 10 of the biggest cities in the country to find out where people were using Wi-Fi. The study found that the city with the most Wi-Fi usage by the public is Leeds, with 22 percent of residents in this area logging on to public Wi-Fi at some point during their day. This figure is actually two times the national average of Wi-Fi use. Leeds is even ahead of London, which had 20 percent of residents using a public hotspot Wi-Fi during the day. Manchester and Birmingham are also high on the list, each with 13 percent.

In a one week period, Sky Broadband discovered that 24 percent of people surveyed used public Wi-Fi; the number rises 41 percent when taken over a one month period. Cafés and restaurants were found to be the most popular places for public Wi-Fi usage, with 32 percent of customers logging in. Pubs and bars were also popular, with 19 percent, and the number for shopping centres is slightly lower at 10 percent. The most popular reason for logging onto the internet while out and about is to check and write e-mails.

By Allie Cooper

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About the author: Allie Cooper is a young writer known for tech and game reviews. Allie writes about O2,  tech companies, from UK and internet start-ups  as well as established businesses. Other than her passion for writing, she is also a certified gamer.


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