Mobile phone security: apps and hijacks

Mobile security, especially relating to mobile banking, is a major concern for many people today; many apps have been hacked and attacked. Are you worried about how much personal information may be leaked out once you download an app on your phone or how much of your banking information is safe once you have signed up for mobile banking? This infographic looks at these security concerns.

The Infographic analyses how many apps have been hacked between the Android and iPhone mobile phones, showing which apps are vulnerable to attacks and the security measures in place. In addition it looks at popular mobile banking apps and reviews the security measures in place for them, and provides you with tips on how to protect your mobile phone.

Conclusion: the iPhone is more secure than Android phones.

Infographic courtesy of Ladbrokes Games

apps and hijacks


  1. A Gartner report reveals that Apple suffered a drop in worldwide smartphone market share in the first quarter of this year and came in a distant second with an 18 percent share of the global sales after Samsung. On the OS side, Android powered 74.4 percent of all smartphones during the period while iOS accounted for only 18.2 percent.