Free WiFi in Perth, Australia central business district

The central business district in Perth, Australia now offers free WiFi service, thanks to local company aCure Technology. The network uses the SSID “metromesh”. The WiFi network has been in operation in the Perth CBD as a paid service since 2006. It is being used as a test bed for Acurix Network’s range of wireless equipment (replacing the old RoamAD equipment).

The Acurix range of products are manufactured by aCure in Perth, Australia with a team of software developers located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Grant Farrow aCure’s Data Centre sales manager reports that although the network is still being fine-tuned, many more people have been using the free WiFi service that had been expected. Over 1100 users log in and use it everyday. aCure will expand the service and install new access points in key areas of the Perth CBD to further support this initiative. This will include services in the Mall and entertainment areas. Langley Park is also online now and areas around the Bell Tower will be completed shortly.

Mark Middleton Technical Director of aCure says:

With the major works we are completing overseas on 3G/4G offload projects, it’s time to see this technology evolve in our own local market. So we are pre-empting this new wave by enabling our network to be used for offloading along with trialling a suitable model for an outdoor 802.11ac deployment.

aCure Technology is a local IT Services Company and the largest privately held Data Centre Operator in Western Australia.