Advertising on MuniWireless: What Works

I am sending out the MuniWireless media kit for 2013 and many people ask the same question:

What is the most effective way to advertise on MuniWireless?

Here is a summary of what I have seen over the last 9 years.

(1) Case studies are the most effective way for equipment vendors, service providers and consultants to market their products and services. When you give away something useful and interesting (and well written), people contact you. Not only that, they will pass around your case study. Virality is very important.

Writing a Sponsored Post for MuniWireless and placing a banner ad that links directly to your case study are extremely effective. In addition, Google search picks up the Sponsored Post so you get additional Google juice. MuniWireless rises relatively high on searches associated with the topics we write about.

Nearly everyone who posts a case study link on our site, links it directly to their own website. The question is: should the link go directly to a downloadable PDF or should it go to a form where the potential customer fills in his or her name and email address?

In my experience, if you link it to a form, many will just click away. Most people do not like to be spammed with useless information which they fear they will get once they leave their email. If the person downloading your case study finds it interesting enough to contact your company, he or she will do so.

(2) Well-made video case study: Check out this Sacramento case study video that we made for Accela.

Link to Accela video on YouTube:

I spoke to the client, Accela, and they told me they were very satisfied with the video. Many people who watched it were quite impressed and contacted Accela.

If you are thinking of video case studies, contact me immediately.

(3) For new companies, your logo should be everywhere: on banner ads, on the MuniWireless newsletter, on sponsored posts, on sponsored polls. The problem with companies that enter the market is: people say who? Who is that?

What happens when your logo shows up in many places is that people start feeling comfortable with doing business with you. You become an old familiar (and trustworthy) face even if you haven’t been around for a long time. It’s human psychology, I guess. But you become part of the landscape and suddenly when someone mentions your company’s name, someone else will say, “Yeah I know them.” Even though the person doesn’t really KNOW your products and services intimately and may not have used them at all.

That’s my advice. If you want to get our media kit, post a comment below or contact me directly esme[at]