Telrad buys Alvarion’s WiMAX business for $6.1M

How quickly the goddess Fortuna changes her mind! One day, WiMAX is “WiFi on steroids”, a technology that will bury Wi-Fi and cellular technologies, the next day, it’s a “niche technology”, a polite phrase used by people in the tech industry to mean it’s got no future.

For those who continue to insist it’s got some kind of a future, news that Alvarion sold its WiMAX business, once the jewel in their crown, for the measly sum of $6.1 million to Telrad, must have felt like a blast of Arctic air. Remember that Alvarion once was valued at $2 billion.

It was not meant to be. The companies with deep pockets to pay for telecommunications infrastructure, i.e. the carriers, jumped to LTE (see, for example, Indian WiMAX operator wants to give back WiMAX licenses and Sprint dumps WiMAX, will build own LTE network).

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