Provo, Utah becomes third Google Fiber city

Google has announced that it will be offering Google Fiber service in Provo, Utah, if the city council approves Google’s acquisition of iProvo (the fiber optic network built by the city 10 years ago). Google plans to upgrade and extend the network to every home in the city. Here’s what Google says:

Provo started building their own municipal network in 2004 because they decided that providing access to high speed connectivity was important to their community’s future. In 2011, they started looking for a partner that could acquire their network and deliver an affordable service for Provoans. We’re committed to keeping their vision alive, and, if the deal is approved and the acquisition closes, we’d offer our Free Internet service (5 Mbps speeds) to every home along the existing Provo network, for a $30 activation fee and no monthly charge for at least seven years. We would also offer Google Fiber Gigabit Internet—up to 100x faster Internet than today’s average broadband speeds—and the option for Google Fiber TV service with hundreds of your favorite channels. We’d also provide free Gigabit Internet service to 25 local public institutions like schools, hospitals and libraries.

This announcement comes only a week after Google announced its plans to bring 1 Gbps fiber to the home service to Austin, Texas.