More free Wi-Fi in parks

As I mentioned in The Return of Large Scale Wi-Fi Deployments, municipalities have bigger budgets these days, thanks to the improving economy in the United States, so they’re spending it on new Wi-Fi deployments or upgrades of existing public Wi-Fi networks. Here are few examples in Florida:

  •  Coral Springs is upgrading its existing wireless network, which currently serves city hall, public buildings and the water plant for around $250,000. For an additional $55,000, they will add Wi-Fi service to public parks.
  • Delray Beach upgraded its public Wi-Fi network for $90,000 to improve reception.
  • Hallandale Beach offers free Wi-Fi at Foster Park and has plans to deploy networks in other parks.
  • Broward County has been offering Wi-Fi in a section of Fort Lauderdale, campgrounds and some county buses.

If you represent a municipality and are thinking of deploying a new large-scale Wi-Fi network or upgrading your existing network, before you go ahead with your RFP or place an order with a vendor, please read: The Challenge for Wi-Fi Hotzones – Video on Smartphones.