Free Wi-Fi in Nice and the French Riviera

Nice, France has entered into a deal with GOWEX to offer free Wi-Fi service in some of the city’s public areas such as the Cours Saleya and Place du Palais. The SSDI is «NiceGOWEXFREEWiFi». That’s great but they still force you to go through a registration screen, which I and many people hate.

The problem with registration screens is that they destroy the mobile user experience. You are on your iPhone and want to look quickly at a map to see where the museum or restaurant is located. You connect to the Wi-Fi network and bam! Registration screen. Most of the time, I give up.

GOWEX has entered into agreements with municipalities and private firms to offer Wi-Fi service in different countries. Some of these networks are both free and paid.


  1. Frenchie trend says:

    Nothing about USA Riviera and SanFrancisco?
    It seems that US. cities are falling in love with Gowex!