Gowex deploys free Wi-Fi hotzones in San Francisco

After building Wi-Fi hotzones in New York, GOWEX takes the leap to the West Coast and lands in San Francisco with 450 “Wi-Fi Smart Zones”.

san francisco free wifi

GOWEX plans to increase the number of hotzones in the city. The second city in the US in terms of quality of life (the first one is Honolulu) with over 16 million of visitors every year will now be able to offer tourists free Wi-Fi in Union Square, the Financial District, the Mission, Twin Peaks, the Marina, among others. Just like in New York, GOWEX profits from this network through the offloading, the advertising platform “Smart Advertising” and the services generated through the Smart City project. Users can expect 1 Mbps downstream speeds.


  1. Craig Plunkett says

    These are not Wi-Fi hotzones, they’re simply FON-type routers in random residential areas. http://goo.gl/maps/V4Z5T Here’s the location of one that I picked at random in NYC. If they have a contract as they claim with The City of New York, why hasn’t the city issued a joint press release with them? I’ll bet nobody that has written a story about these guys has done even the most rudimentary verification.

  2. Perhaps that’s why their network in Paris got a very bad review:

    Gowex free Wi-Fi in metro stations irritates users

  3. Francois says

    Craig, Esme

    Could you please tell me where you found that they ever claimed to have won a contract with the City of New York ?

    Could you also kindly accept to take a look at this report from the spanish national TV channel and confirm this is New York ? 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G8CJzaGU98

    As for France, Gowex is gaining traction at an incredible speed there, which obviously would not be possible if their first win, Paris, had been a disaster … A few “rudimentary checks” will confirm that the article you picked does not tell the full story…

    By the way, I also think they have a media team.
    Feel free to contact them before spreading so offensive comments.

    Thank you.

    ps: I don’t work at Gowex, but I am an individual shareholder since 2011

  4. @Francois,

    Here is the quote from the Chicago Tribune story on GOWEX:

    “In early March, Gowex signed one of biggest contracts to
    date with the city of New York to provide nearly 2,000 hotspots,
    and hopes to launch in three more U.S. cities this year.”

    Here is the link to the story:

    Perhaps your issue is with the reporter from the Chicago Tribune or GOWEX’s media team. I was somewhat skeptical that the Government of the City of New York would sign such a contract. That was my issue with the story.

    I did some rudimentary checking and discovered that the GOWEX Wi-Fi SSID is actually broadcast by Towerstream’s New York City network. So the contract must be with Towerstream, not the City of New York itself. GOWEX is renting capacity from another Wi-Fi provider to put its signal out “En La Gran Manzana”

  5. Frenchie trend says

    It was just a mistake by the reporter of Chicago Tribune. Everyone knows it, even in Europe.

    Another great success for Gowex, Ajaccio in Corsica. Three million tourists will ride for free!!!

    ps: I don’t work at Gowex, but I am also an individual shareholder since 2011