Tulsa, Oklahoma RFP for marketing partnerships

The City of Tulsa, Oklahoma is requesting proposals from qualified vendors to assist the City in developing marketing partnerships with outside entities. This includes sponsorships, advertising, marketing, and/or naming rights. The City will consider partnerships between vendors to provide the full range of required services. The City reserves the right to split the work contemplated in this RFP among multiple vendors, to award only part of the services specified in this document and to use additional vendors.

You must submit your proposal by 5:00 p.m. on June 26, 2013, Central Daylight Time. Read the Tulsa RFP (posted on Scribd) for more information.

Before you ask, “What the heck does this have to do with wireless?”, turn on your brain’s creative juices and think: What’s the best way to reach people these days? Can the city partner with location-based apps to promote its tourist attractions? Can it use outdoor public Wi-Fi networks? At present, the City is considering an initiative that would reserve certain sponsorship, promotion, and branding rights for the Convention Center. Convention centers tend to have conferences that provide Wi-Fi and attract lots of people with smartphones so . . . . you get the picture. If your company is creative enough to come up with ways you can help the City find marketing partners, respond to this RFP.