Check out who is using Towerstream’s Wi-Fi network in Manhattan: Gowex among others

This is a screenshot showing the different Wi-Fi operators who are using Towerstream’s wholesale Wi-Fi network in New York City. Note that Gowex is one of those companies. Another is Blis NY WiFi. The advantage of piggybacking on someone else’s network is you don’t have to incur huge capital expenditures to build your own. I don’t know if this is the model that Gowex follows in other parts of the world. They seem to be expanding rapidly and one way to do that is to buy wholesale access from existing operators. Click on the graphic to see a larger version.

gowex towerstream nyc


  1. It’s called sharing. If only all governments would recognize basic network theory and efficiency from 802.11. The fact is that any provider granted access to a public RoW or frequency should be held to an open standard. 802.11 only underscores the tremendous public and end-user benefits to this policy.

  2. That’s what I was encouraging municipalities to deploy when I started MuniWireless: wholesale wired and wireless networks owned by cities, which they could lease out to providers at reasonable cost so that there would be competition on the service layer. Alas, what did the munis do? They followed the old broken cable franchise model and selected ONE provider. They were too cheap to pay for it because they did not think of it as critical infrastructure. At least now many municipalities are deploying their own fiber networks, which they do lease out to providers.