Lekki Wi-Fi network in Nigeria powered by Ubiquiti

A large Wi-Fi network has been deployed in Lekki, Nigeria by Tizeti Network, a wireless ISP whose goal is to create a “carrier Wi-Fi” network in Nigeria. The Lekki Wi-Fi network covers 5000 homes and an area of 9 square kilometres of Lekki Phase 1, an expensive gated community on Lekki Lagoon, east of Lagos. Tizeti uses the latest Ubiquiti NanoBeam base stations and UniFi video cameras; they use the fiber network of MainOne, a large telecoms company that serves West Africa.

Each Lekki 1 subscriber gets two SSIDs, one for his own use and the other for mobile or roaming customers. This means that Tizeti subscribers can access Wi-Fi service anywhere that Tizeti has a network. Tizeti hopes to sell wholesale access to its networks around Lagos (which include Dolphin Estate and French Colony). At present, subscribers pay US$50 per month without a data cap. The absence of a data cap gives Tizeti is a significant advantage over its competitors. Subscribers can expect average speeds of 3.5 Mbps downstream and upstream. Tizeti also provides free Wi-Fi to schools in the Lekki area.