Mimosa announces first hotspot-to-the-home gateway

The self-installed, window-mounted device connect homes to outdoor access points to provide Internet Access at up to 500 Mbps.

Mimosa Networks, a pioneer in gigabit wireless technology, today announced the first consumer device of its kind, the C5i, a Hotspot-to-the-Home Gateway. Introducing an entirely new product category to the industry, Mimosa’s C5i reduces the cost of Wi-Fi to the home in urban environments by connecting homes to outdoor access points and eliminating the need for multiple pieces of networking equipment.

Sleek and powerful, the 4×4:4 Multi-User MIMO radio leverages beam-forming technology for automatic antenna aiming, making it completely self-installable and doing away with the dreaded service provider truck roll – saving both operators and subscribers time and money.

“The innovation of the C5i is its ability to provide more with less. Consumers can easily mount the device to a window and connect with the access point of their local Internet service provider. With a single device, the C5i can bring the Internet into the home at incredible speeds of up to 500 Mbps,” says Brian Hinman, CEO of Mimosa.

The C5i Hotspot-to-the-Home Gateway will be particularly effective for stimulating the wireless market in densely populated urban environments – areas that were previously quite difficult to serve due to low capacity, spectrally inefficient technology. The C5i connects to any outdoor 5 GHz Wi-Fi access point, though there are significant spectrum re-use, capacity and performance advantages when connected to a Mimosa access point, leveraging the power of Mimosa’s TDMA protocol. Inside the home, the C5i broadcasts using an integrated 2.4 GHz radio and connects wirelessly to any Wi-Fi-capable device.


“The C5i is stunning in its simplicity and design, and brings an unprecedented amount of bandwidth – up to 500 Mbps – into the home at an unbelievable price point,” says Mimosa CPO, Jaime Fink. “The C5i is the first elegant, simple Internet access alternative for the Wi-Fi Generation.”

The C5i (List Price: $119 MSRP) is available for pre-order now on the Mimosa website and will begin shipping in Spring 2015.