Guest commentary: Broadband entrepreneurship as the foundation for economic stimulus

Recently, I had the honor of speaking to city managers across the state of Ohio presenting:  “Economic Development and Broadband – A Marriage Made in Heaven.”  The response to this presentation was overwhelming.  Here is a summary. Wireless is, of course, about improving productivity through technical applications and human resource management.  But, how clear is […]

Guest commentary: why Nortel switched from WiMAX to LTE

Esme Vos expressed surprise to read in the Wall Street Journal on June 11 that Nortel will focus its R&D and sales efforts on LTE instead of WiMAX. The company claims that demand for LTE equipment outstrips that for WiMAX  and, as a result, they are putting their money into LTE. They are not abandoning […]

Guest commentary: FTTH or wireless, which is more cost-effective?

Recently, I spoke to the communities of Western Tennessee at their Summit on Economic Development and Broadband. Not unlike other communities, the need for economic growth in the new age is paramount in their plans. I explained our ideas on how to capitalize on the broadband super highway. Attending the event were many communities who […]

Guest commentary: Educational Broad Spectrum – Robbery or Justifiable Monopoly?

There has been much talk about the Sprint/Clearwire WiMAX joint venture and the many players involved. Significant speculation and cheerleading for the seven telecommunications partners as to their ability to expand the WiMAX service across the United States have shown up in nearly every national news line or blog. I, for one, have been following […]

Guest commentary: what are vendors and thought leaders saying about muni Wi-Fi?

The news this week has been somewhat colorful in its reporting of the role that municipalities need to play in the future buildout of fiber infrastructure, wireless infrastructure and so on. At my firm, our analysts decided to take a step back and identify any thought leaders who may well have identified accurately the key […]