Close to true 4G: Towerstream’s Manhattan Wi-Fi network

Today in frigid weather, I went to Union Square to see how Towerstream’s Wi-Fi network performed. Considerably closer to the ITU’s definition of 4G than any other technology available today, I was able to use my laptop’s built-in 802.11N Wi-Fi adapter to connect to the Access Point at 138Mbps. Excellent quality on its own, and in […]

What the FCC White Space Ruling Means For Wireless ISPs

The FCC announced recently that it is opening up the vacant TV airwaves (“white space” – the frequencies between 300 MHz and 400 MHz) for unlicensed use. The big problem that White Space (WS) devices solve for aspiring Wireless ISPs (WISPs), is installation. Presently the WISP business is a mashup of the cellular carrier and […]

Why the Long Island Wi-Fi project is doomed: lessons from Fire Island

As our Fire Island Wireless network is closing out its 5th and most successful season, I would like to share a few things I’ve learned as they apply to the Long Island Wi-Fi project. Even though the plug has not been pulled officially, the writing is on the wall for the Long Island Wi-Fi project, […]