Wireless AMR network design considerations

Most new utility meters are capable of automated meter reading or automated meter infrastructure (controlling).  Before embarking on a project to implement a wireless AMR or AMI network, you need to do extensive due diligence on the vendors’ meters. Ideally, all municipalities would enjoy blanket radio or RF coverage to listen and manage all of […]

AMR / AMI Water Meter Considerations

Not all water meters are created equal. If you’re thinking of implementing an AMR/AMI solution then you may wish to consider the following factors. I’ve seen water meters installed on the sides of homes and I’ve also seen water meters installed underground under a steel plate.  The latter is typically used in new developments.  As […]

AMR / AMI network deployment basics

Automatic Meter Reading or AMR is the ability to read utility meters on residential and commercial buildings remotely, that is, without the need for a person to drive up and read them. Automatic Meter Infrastructure or AMI goes one step further: a utility company can send instructions to a meter or manage it remotely. AMI […]