Sprint dumps WiMAX, will build own LTE network

Is this the beginning of the end for WiMAX provider Clearwire? Things certainly got dimmer for the nascent national broadband provider Friday when Sprint revealed its new Network Vision strategy that in part calls for Sprint to switch from using Clearwire’s WiMAX to power its 4G network to a Long Term Evolution (LTE) network that Sprint will build […]

Will US govt get its $73.5 million back from Open Range?

The good news for U.S. taxpayers is that Open Range Communications, the now-bankrupt startup that was trying to build rural wireless networks, never received the full amount of the $267 million loan it won from the U.S. Department of Agriculture back in 2008. The bad news is — according to research into Open Range’s agreement with the […]

Will Apple finish Steve Jobs’ telco revolution?

Like everyone else across the tech universe, I am saddened by the untimely passing of Apple chairman Steve Jobs. My concern for Apple is whether or not there is the brainpower, will and chutzpah in Cupertino to finish the revolution Jobs led with the iPhone — the complete destruction of the cellular telephone industry as […]

More on the strange happenings at Open Range Communications

Looks like the rural WiMAX project Open Range Communications is at the end of its entrepreneurial trail, according to a news report from Fierce Wireless’s Mike Dano, who says CEO Bill Beans has resigned and massive layoffs are underway as the company will stop accepting new customers. Sidecut Reports has been openly skeptical about Open Range ever since the […]

How will Verizon, AT&T and Sprint position 4G vs. iPhone 5?

Lost a little bit in the heated run-up to next week’s highly anticipated introduction of (maybe!) the next model iPhone from Apple is the big question: How exactly are the three major cellular carriers in the U.S., Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint, going to balance their “4G” network promotions with a phone that will probably be called […]