AT&T: DAS is a Go in Palo Alto

Remember our series of stories on AT&T’s plans to build a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) network to beef up cell coverage in the Silicon Valley town of Palo Alto? According to Ma Bell’s chief technology officer John Donovan, that plan has recently received approval from the city council, which means that AT&T will likely start putting up […]

AT&T: still no speed guarantees or smartphones for LTE

As you may have heard, AT&T officially launched its first salvo of live Long Term Evolution (LTE) services Sunday, in five cities: Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Houston and Atlanta. Above is the new updated map that is serving as Ma Bell’s announcement platform for its clear-as-mud 4G rollout; if you are following this story closely you know that in […]

Sprint: unlimited focus driving need for Clearwire?

Watching last week’s PGA tournament I was struck by a new Sprint TV ad that powerfully, forcefully and very clearly played up Sprint’s ability to offer true unlimited data plans, as compared to the tiered data plans of its top competitors, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. By putting all its chips behind unlimited data, it comes as little […]

Verizon’s Q2 LTE Sales: 1.2 Million New Subs, Still Behind Sprint in 4G Race

The numbers are in for Verizon’s second fiscal quarter of 2011, and from a 4G wireless provider standpoint the market leader is still Sprint by a pretty big margin, since Verizon only added 1.2 million new LTE subscribers during the most-recent fiscal reporting period. Now 1.2 million devices ain’t shabby — by our unaudited account when added […]

AT&T rolls out 4G HSPA+ to 19 more locations including NYC and LA

The news that AT&T was finally getting serious about launching its late-to-the-game LTE service got us thinking about AT&T’s HSPA+ rollout map, the hunt-and-see game where you try to find active HSPA+ markets by rolling your cursor over a map (instead, of say, reading a list off a press release). If you remember in our first discovery the map […]