Digital Cities and a virtuous circle of training and volunteerism

This is the last of a series of articles written by Marc Canter about digital cities and fiber networks. In the first two parts of this series I defined what I meant when I use the term “Digital City” and the basic rights that every Digital Citizen has to a JOB! I talked about a […]

Digital Cities and Why I Moved to Northern Ohio

This is part 2 of a series written by Marc Canter about digital cities and fiber optic networks. As the economic roller coaster ride over the past 20 years has taken us to new highs and lows, Cleveland and the Northern Ohio region have seen their economy flatline.  Once known as the home of innovation […]

Digital Cities and Fiber Optic Technology

A lot has been made recently of 1G fiber optic connections being wired up into people’s homes.  Here in Cleveland the Case Connection Zone project will be conducting research on what exactly would someone DO with all this bandwidth?   1G connections will be placed into 104 homes and apartments on Hessler St. – and the […]