Big Doings in the Big Apple

Next month — more than four years after issuing its RFP for a citywide network for public safety and other government applications — New York City will light up the initial phase of New York City Wireless Network (NYCWiN), according to CIO Paul Cosgrave. NYCWiN initially will cover about 70 percent of the city’s 322-square-mile […]

Wireless Beijing an Olympian Effort

Think unwiring a city the size of Philadelphia, San Francisco or Houston is a big deal? Trying unwiring a city that spans 6500 square miles and serves more than 12 million people — like Beijing. That’s what’s underway today as the city revs up for the Summer Olympics, with a team headed by service provider […]

Brunswick, GA Joins The Crowd

Even though most of the mainstream media continue to focus on big cities and EarthLink’s problems, there’s a much more important story about this market that has gone largely ignored by most media outlets — the growing number of smaller cities where municipal wireless is taking hold. The latest is Brunswick, Georgia, a 17,000-population community […]

Utah County Going Wireless For Public Safety

Fast-growing Weber County, Utah, is the latest county to begin a pilot for a 4.9-GHz public safety network. Motorola is leading the effort, starting with 11 hot zones throughout the county for use by the sheriff’s department and four IP cameras located at one local school. Once the pilot is fully deployed and tested, the […]

FRII tweaking business model in Fort Collins

Front Range Internet, the Colorado service provider handling the wireless network deployment in Fort Collins, Colorado, is making some changes to its business model for Fort Collins’ public access application. Barry Eastman, FRII’s director of special projects, notes that the Fort Collins network is transitioning from the initial “partial-free” model (30 minutes of free access […]